The conference will be held at the 5-star luxe hotel, Discovery Kartika Plaza. The hotel offers great ambience and is strategically located near various diners and other attraction sites, only 3 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Participants who choose Residential Package in their registration will be given a discounted price for their stay during the conference. Please contact us for further details and information.


Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

Jl. Kartika Plaza

Kuta, Bali 80361


Phone +62 361 751 067
Fax. +62 361 754 585


About Bali


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Renowned for its unique culture and breathtaking sceneries, Bali is part of Indonesia archipelago and one of the popular destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. The island lies 8 degrees south of the equator between Java and West Nusa Tenggara and stretches for about 153 km east to west and 112 km north to south. Nicknamed as The Island of Gods, Bali is not only home to more than 4 million of population, but also hosts the highest biodiversity of marine species. Under its tropical climate, Bali is perfect for various activities be they indoor, outdoor, extreme, or water, designed to cheer up your stay. Alternatively, visiting beautiful panorama such as rice paddies or sandy beaches, or learning about the local arts such as traditional dance, sculpture, or painting, are also irresistible.


Join InCITE 2017 and explore Bali! We hope you will enjoy your stay in Bali.