Important Dates

Full-paper submission deadline
Full-paper submission deadline : 2017-06-21

Notification of acceptance
Notification of acceptance : 2017-07-07

Camera ready paper
Camera ready paper : 2017-07-16

Conference Day 1
Conference Day 1 : 2017-08-24

Conference Day 2
Conference Day 2 : 2017-08-25

Conference Schedule

Event Rundown

Day 1: August 24th, 2017

From To Activities Venue
7:45 8:30 Registration and Seminar Kit Distribution Discovery Room
8:30 9:00 Opening Ceremony:
Welcome Remarks By Rector of Universitas Surabaya
Prof. Joniarto Parung, Ph.D.
Discovery Room
9:00 10:30 Plenary Session 1:
- Prof. Mats Rönnelid, Ph.D.
- Prof. Suksun Horpibulsuk, Ph.D.
Discovery Room
10:30 10:40 Coffee Break Discovery Room
10:40 12:10 Plenary Session 2:
- Prof. Willy Susilo, Ph.D.
- Prof. Nai-Wei Lo, Ph.D.
Discovery Room
12:10 12:30 Keynote Session Closing + Photo Session Discovery Room
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break Restaurant
13:30 15:30 Parallel Session 1 Discovery Room and Shinta Room
15:30 15:40 Coffee Break Discovery Room and Shinta Room
15:40 17:40 Parallel Session 2 Discovery Room and Shinta Room
17:40 18:30 Free Time Hotel Area
18:30 20:30 Welcome Dinner Restaurant













Day 2: August 25th, 2017

From To Activities Venue
8:00 8:30 Registration Discovery Room
8:30 10:10 Parallel Session 3 Discovery Room and Shinta Room
10:10 10:20 Coffee Break Discovery Room and Shinta Room
10:20 12:00 Parallel Session 4 Discovery Room and Shinta Room
12:00 14:00 Friday Praying and Lunch Break Restaurant
14:00 15:40 Parallel Session 5 Discovery Room and Shinta Room
15:40 15:55 Coffee Break Discovery Room and Shinta Room
15:55 16:25 Awarding Session and Closing Ceremony Discovery Room



























No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 13:30 13:50 9 Nina Sevani and Christian Michael Budijanto Food and Feeding Time Reminder System to Support the Fulfilment of Nutritional Standards for Infants
2 13:50 14:10 16 Zavli Juwantara and Nikho Toga Bungaran Sagala ZNDES: A Modi?ed-Block Cipher Algorithm Based On DES Encryption Algorithm
3 14:10 14:30 21 Joko Siswantoro, M Y Hilman, and M Widiasari Computer vision system for egg volume prediction using backpropagation neural network
4 14:30 14:50 29 Susana Limanto and Andre Decision Tools for Purchasing Used Vehicle
5 14:50 15:10 47 Daniel Prasetyo and Rahadian Bisma Enhancing government employees performance and behaviour using e-Kinerja
6 15:10 15:30 61 Yuan-Cheng Lai, Riyanto Jayadi, and Jing-Neng Lai A Multi-hop Relay Path Selection Algorithm Considering Path Channel Quality and Coordinating with Bandwidth Allocation



No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 13:30 13:50 2 Rudy Agustriyanto and Jie Zhang Closed Loop Simulation of Decentralized Control using RGA for Uncertain Binary Distillation Column
2 13:50 14:10 10 Nara Samattapapong A Warehouse Efficiency Improvement using Simulation Modelling Analysis
3 14:10 14:30 25 Nova Saragih, Senator Nur Bahagia, Suprayogi and Ibnu Syabri Single-tier City Logistics Model for Single Product
4 14:30 14:50 28 Wakhid Ahmad Jauhari and Pringgo Widyo Laksono A joint economic lot-sizing problem with fuzzy demand, defective items and environmental impacts
5 14:50 15:10 11 Nara Samattapapong A Simulation Method for Productivity Improvement Case study: Car Anti-vibration Part Manufacturing Process
6 15:10 15:30 26 Anindya Rachma Dwicahyani, Eva Kholisoh, Wakhid Ahmad Jauhari, Cucuk Nur Rosyidi and Pringgo Widyo Laksono. Inventory model optimization for supplier-manufacturer-retailer system with rework and waste disposal




No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 15:40 16:00 17 Krankanokpan Sonsakul and Wanwanut Boongsood Effects of Glass Scraps Powder and Glass Fibre on Mechanical Properties of Polyester Composites
2 16:00 16:20 24 Restu Kartiko Widi, Arief Budhyantoro and Arnold Christianto Phenol Hydroxylation on Al-Fe modified-Bentonite: Effect of Fe Loading, Temperature and Reaction Time
3 16:20 16:40 66 Yuana Agustin, Akbarningrum Fatmawati and Rika Amalia Bioethanol Production from Whey Yogurt by Kluyveromyces lactis
4 16:40 17:00 33 Heru Sigit Purwanto and Suharsono Suharsono Galena and Association Mineral at Cidolog Area, Cidolog District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia
5 17:00 17:20 38 Natalia Hartono, Laurence and Hendro Putra J Identification, Measurement, and Assessment of Water Cycle of Unhusked Rice Agricultural Phases, case study at Tangerang paddy field, Indonesia
6 17:20 17:40 58 Jaka Purwanta, Tjukup Marnoto, Prabang Setyono, and Ari Handono Ramelan Impact Of Trend In The Wind Direction In The Area Of Tuban Kabupaten Toward The Spread Of Dust



No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 15:40 16:00 5 Martha Meisa, Indri Hapsari and Mochammad Hadiyat Loyalty Program for Local Tourism in Kediri Residency
2 16:00 16:20 6 Heru Prastawa and Ratna Purwaningsih Affective Design Identification On Development Of Batik Convection Product
3 16:20 16:40 7 The Jaya Suteja, Prasad Kdv Yarlagadda, Azharul Karim and Cheng Yan Estimating Life Cycle Cost for a Product Family Design: The Challenges
4 16:40 17:00 18 Wahyu Apri Wulan Sari and Ratna Tungga Dewa Pedicab Preservation as Cultural Heritage in Solo City, Indonesia : Additional Plastic Canopy
5 17:00 17:20 22 Sunarmi Sunarmi Reinterpretation Of Pracimayasa Interior In Pura Mangkunegaran Surakarta In Global Era
6 17:20 17:40 36 I Made Ronyastra The Impact of Expatriates Directors on the Indonesian Company’s Performance




No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 08:30 08:50 53 Dhiani Absari, Susana Limanto and Anastasia Cynthia Kwangga Development of Universitas Surabaya Tracer Study Website
2 08:50 09:10 56 Njoto Benarkah, Adrian Djitro, Yoan Nursari Simanjuntak and Oeke Yunita Online Orchid Sales for Dimas Orchid, Trawas, Mojokerto
3 09:10 09:30 62 Tri Luhur Indayanti Sugata and Chuan-Kai Yang Leaf App: Leaf Recognition with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
4 09:30 09:50 63 Melissa Ng, Ongko Citrowinoto and Hariyanto Hariyanto The Development of 3D Virtual Museum to Raise Indonesian Young People’s Awareness of Endangered Animals in Indonesia
5 09:50 10:10 49 Rina Fitriana, Parwadi Moengin and Fatwa Narozi Ontari Evaluation And Improvement The Performance Of The Production Floor To Increasing Production Result With Simulation Approach (Case Study PT.B)



No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 08:30 08:50 35 Basir Saibon, Wan Mohd Aizuddin Wan Mohamad, Najwan Osman Ali, and M Hanif Characterization of RF Modulator System on Chip for Software Defined Radio Transmitter
2 08:50 09:10 23 Markus Hartono, Kay Chuan Tan, Dina Natalia Prayogo and Amelia Santoso An integrative fuzzy Kansei Engineering and Kano model for logistics services
3 09:10 09:30 37 Mochammad Arbi Hadiyat, Rahman Dwi Wahyudi, Yenny Sari Survival Analysis for Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study
4 09:30 09:50 13 Nara Samattapapong A service queue improvement by using simulation technique : case study in suranaree university of technology hospital
5 09:50 10:10 19 Susila Candra, I Made Londen Batan, Wajan Berata and Agus Sigit Pramono Modeling of The Minimum Variable Blank Holder Force Based on Forming Limit Diagram (FDL) in Deep Drawing Process




No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 10:20 10:40 42 Argo Hadi Kusumo, Chia-Fen Chi and Ratna Sari Dewi Pattern Analysis of Fraud Case In Taiwan, China and Indonesia
2 10:40 11:00 44 Hendi Wicaksono Agung and Yohanes Gunawan Yusuf. Outdoor Altitude Stabilization of QuadRotor based on Type-2 Fuzzy and Fuzzy PID
3 11:00 11:20 54 Rahman Dwi Wahyudi Investigating the role of fuzzy as confirmatory tool for service quality assessment (Case study: comparison of fuzzy servqual and servqual in hotel service evaluation)
4 11:20 11:40 51 Eric Wibisono, Amelia Santoso and Michael Andreli Sunaryo Improving delivery routes using combined heuristic and optimization in a consumer goods distribution company
5 11:40 12:00 27 Rendy Surya Saga, Wakhid Ahmad Jauhari and Pringgo Widyo Laksono A periodic review integrated inventory model with controllable setup cost, imperfect items, and inspection errors under service level constraint



No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 10:20 10:40 52 Noppatsorn Muangnak and Nares Chuersuwan Estimates the Emission of Passenger Cars Based on the First Developed Driving Cycle in Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality, Thailand
2 10:40 11:00 55 Elieser Tarigan Performance test of a grid-tied PV system to power a split air conditioner system in Surabaya
3 11:00 11:20 30 Gloria Olivia, Amelia Santoso and Dina Natalia Prayogo. Development of coordination system model on single-supplier multi-buyer for multi-item supply chain with probabilistic demand
4 11:20 11:40 46 Docki Saraswati, Debbie Kemala Sari and Vinnacia Johan Using genetic algorithm to determine the optimal order quantities for multi-item multi period under warehouse constraints in kitchenware manufacturing
5 11:40 12:00 68 Nugroho A Pujowidianto Constrained optimization via simulation models for new product innovation




No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 14:00 14:20 65 Emma Savitri and Adiarto Controlled-Release Fertilizer Based on Cellulose Encapsulation
2 14:20 14:40 34 Najwan Osman Ali, Ahmad Razin Muhamed, Wan Mohd Aizuddin Wan Mohamad and Basir Saibon Feasibility Test on Motorcycle Waste Heat Energy Harvesting in Equatorial Climate
3 14:40 15:00 67 Akbarningrum Fatmawati, Kevin Yulianto Gunawan and Ferrel Auryn Hadiwijaya Hydrolysis of alkaline pretreated banana peel
4 15:00 15:20 31 Atichat Wongkoblap, Sujitra Doungsri, Terasut Sookkumnerd and Aroonsri Nuchitprasittichai Equilibrium Study for Ternary Mixtures of Biodiesel



No From To Paper ID Author Paper Title
1 14:00 14:20 50 Yenny Sari, Eric Wibisono, Rahman Dwi Wahyudi and Yongky Lio Transition Guidance from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 for an organization to upgrade its Quality Management System to become more resilient and sustainable
2 14:20 14:40 57 Muhammad Syafi’i, Sutamto, and Purnami Widyaningsih Integrated Inventory Model of Manufacturer and Retailer with Inflation and Investment of Quality Improvement
3 14:40 15:00 64 Lanny Sapei, I Gede Yudhi Herlambang Sandy, I Made Krisna Dwi Suputra and Moumita Ray The effect of different concentrations of tween-20 combined with rice husk silica on the stability of o/w emulsion: A kinetic study