International Conference of Law and Free Trade 2018

"The Role of Legal Study to Deal with the Complexity of Free Trade"


October 29th - 30th, 2018

Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya


World economy has entered the free trade era. There is no country in this world that does not related with other countries. The Implementation of the globalization of economy and free trade are praticed through peaceful means such as international treaty and convention that occurring to the rules of free trade, and focusing on the growth of open and free market. The globalization of economy follows the principle of free market without considering the variety of economic situation of many countries which are not always suitable to implement them. The free trade market system is almost enterly forced as the new law in regulating the international (global) economic arrangement. Such thing are clearly a potential threat to the third world countries, because the free market requires preparation on many things, such as the ability of human resources, economic infrastructure readlines, natural resources, to the meditation of the law as the requirment on trades.


The indicators of free trade are always oriented to efficiency, transparancy, and open and free trade rivalry on cross-country businessman. The most invalid institution is none other than the market to control supply and demand, and the effort so that there is no market distortion. Even the involvement of the Government is considered as one of the non-economical things. Free trade tries to eliminate all abstacle to business activities, i.e. by eleminating import duty.


The occurring reality shows that economic globalization is a form of capital expansion of developed countries. Therefore, every globalization efforts are always coinciding with the interest of growing the capital they invest in. In the beginning, the foreign capital will speaker for the host country's interest, i.e. opening working opportunity, increasing the society's welfare, increasing country's income. But in reality, the effect of the business activities is becoming more real towords the individual life, social, and environment.


Based on that backgroud, Faculty of Law, University of Surabaya will hold an International Conference of law and free trade about "The Role Legal Study to Deal with the Complexity of Free Trade".


Scope of the Conference

  • Business Law (International Contact, Investment Law, Business Competition lawa, Consumer Protection, E-Commerce)
  • Administrative Law/ Goverment Law (Enviroment Law, Tax Law, Licensing Law, Immigration and Customs, Labor Law)
  • International Law (International Economic Law, International Treaty)
  • Criminal Law (Economic Crime, Money Laundering)


Date & Time

Day : Monday - Tuesday, October 29th - 30th 2018

Venue : Garden Palace Hotel Surabaya

Address : Jl Yos Sudarso No. 11 Embong Kaliasin

                Genteng, Kota Surabaya

Time : 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.



  • Prof. Dr. H. Eko Sugitario, S.H., CN., M.Hum. (University of Surabaya)
  • Prof. Dr. Aloysius UWiyono, S.H., M.H.(University of Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Henk Addink (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
  • Prof. Dr. I. B. R. Supancana, S.H., M.H.(Atmajaya University Jakarta)
  • Prof. Dr. Huala Adolf, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D(Padjajaran University)
  • Prof. Abu Bakar Bin Munir (University of Malaya)
  • Prof. Tim Lindsey (University of Melbourne)
  • Prof. Zhao Yun (University of Hong Kong)
  • Prof. Simon Butt (University of Sydney)
  • Naz Juman Gulinazaer* (Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center)
  • Prof. David Hunter* (American University, Washington College of Law)

*Under Confirmation